Rendezvous Coffee Bar was established in 1990 in Tigaki, a mere 11 km from Kos Town. Tigaki beach is one of the most beautiful and certainly one of the most popular on the island. There are many hotels and furnished apartments scattered throughout the area which is rich in greenery, trees, shrubs and flowers, making Tigaki the ideal site for a quiet and serene vacation. The area has developed over the last couple of years into a notable tourist's centre, with travel agencies, shops, restaurants, cafeterias, bars and beaches offering all amenities, including various water sports.

Rendezvous Coffee Bar is open twelve months of the year, unlike other seasonal establishments, and is ideal for families and couples. Our clientele varies from locals to hundreds of friends we've made from all over the world that keep returning every year for that personal touch we've become known for. Besides our famous non-alcoholic slush cocktails we also offer over 100 popular cocktails from all over the world, like BMW, Harvey Wall banger and Sex on the Beach, to name but a few. Hungry? We have a large variety of snacks to fill that space.

Keeping in touch with your friends back home poses no problem at all. Log into your email account from one of our internet terminals, or why not try your hand at American pool?

Sports enthusiast? We are showing simultaneously 7 live television programs from all athletic channels.We show all major sporting events, including the English Premier League matches and any world wide event that might be taking place at the time, so whether it's the Olympic Games, Wimbledon , or the Soccer World Cup Final, you'll get to see it all here at Rendezvous Coffee Bar.

Rendezvous Coffee Bar is located in Kos, an incredibly beautiful island situated in the southeastern part of Greece in the Dodecanese complex. Kos island is adorned with breath taking golden sandy beaches attracting tourists from far and wide. Steeped in monuments, remnants from its glorious past, Kos is also the home of the father of medicine, Hippocrates. Modern amenities, endless beaches, and the warm crystal clear waters of the Aegean await you, making Kos an ideal holiday destination, not only as a choice between other Greek Islands but on a worldwide scale.
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